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this u.s. serviceman was killed in aeople firefight with afghan army allies. 2000th american in the 11-year-old war. >> tomorrow could be a rough for drivers in d.c.. is because members of city plant to shut k street in the morning. they mark the one-year .nniversary of the movement they stayed in mcpherson square for nearly five until the enforced a ban on overnight camping. >> it has been a cloudy night with a few showers. when willout there -- the rain go away? stick around. we will be in the belfort furniture weather center with a first check. the first showers -- we have been watching them in the belfort furniture weather center. movedf the showers have out of the area. at clear skies. temperatures have fallen. gaithersburg. 57 in fredericksburg. this is what it looks like early in the afternoon and evening. showers from the north -- and moves up toward the east. skies begin to clear across west virginia into western maryland. clear skies will be with us from early tomorrow morning, along with a bit of patchy fog. temperatures jump into the 50's afternoon, around 70 degrees or so.
combining with this cold front and it's locked into place well to the north and east of us. so we have a traffic jam in place. this system moves in our direction and eventually by tomorrow night will take a sharp turn to the left and should make land fall across southern new jersey which still could we see a flux wation, we may. winds are at 75 miles per hour and wind gusts pressure continues to the distance 480 miles southeast of washington d.c. it's going to stay in place for tuesday and by wednesday lifts off towards the north and then finally will move toward the east. but the rain totals absolutely amazing what is on the way. you can check out our website at and we will keep you updated. and we've updated a brand new video forecast and we'll keep you updated tomorrow. more on the storm coming up. >>> let's get to our team of reporters right now. want to see what a hurricane looks like just take a look. brad has been there all day as conditions have gone down. >> yeah they have. as a matter of fact i pulled out my wind speed
boys. five i am used to people saying is not always repeating it on d hoping i will believe it. >> for 80 months, he has been this tax plan. -- 18 months, he has been this tax plan. now, he is saying is big, bold is never mind. >> mitt romney has not laid out the details on how he will taxes, the numbers on not favor him, at least not now. other big battle, a huge disagreement over obamacare. >> i just do not know how the president could come into , facing rising unemployment, and economic kitchen table, and his energy and passion for o years fighting obamacare. fighting for obamacare. seen this model work in massachusetts. it is essentially the identical model, and, as a consequence, are covered there. it has not destroy jobs. that for the unemployment being above 8%. finally, the fight with the president could go on attack. is the continued theme that is not offering as far as the civics. >> he ys that he is going to frank, wall street reform. exactly whichknow ones. he will not tell us. -- he says hed replace obamacare. is the reason governor romney is keeping all of these p
? >> blogger in joins us with the game dayk at the forecast. this is a big one. >> it really is. finally, baseball weather is back. for you folks watching on tv, it not a black-and-white tv, it is color tv. the giants and dodgers years game, theome temperature tomorrow afternoon will be near 70 degrees. perfect baseball weather. whether details when i join you what is to come as we go to the playoffs. >> we have to be optimistic. thank you very much. bouillon, new developments on a reported exclusively last night at 11:00. residents at an alexandria management did on the he despite the cold temperatures. on in that now building. we discover the problem is not exclusive to alexandria. region got inthe contact with 7 on your side. a disturbing look at what we evening.s this case is a little different, and some would argue frankly.ous, quite this hirise behind the, the is home tose, seniors, who are more , andptible to cold weather get colder for the next nights. >> she told me yesterday when i to hershey said it was about 60. >> she says her 90-year-old mother complained of being cold much
to use as much of the play clock and game clock as you can. >> we can't play better than this. in back-to-back sweeks. they're real physical, low-scoring game tonight. more of a shootout game. >> brad: rod smith getting another carry. scored the last time he touched it. picked up five here. >> todd: they always ask the question when he went to florida, cowl that kind of offense work in the s.e.c.? ultimately he proved that it could. they wanted the same thing in the big ten. as long as you got braxton miller under center and healthy, you've got a shot. >> brad: career high rushing total for braxton miller, part of 339 yards on the ground for ohio state. carlos hyde, also career high, 111. third down and one. it's going to be under four minutes after this carry. miller, first down and gets down. a flag down. it may be a holding call. trying to string him to the outside. we've had some plays tonight, haven't we. >> referee: holding, offense, number 77. ten-yard penalty, repeat third down. >> brad: that negates the first down run. >> todd: i thought it was interesting. urban meyer when he
. a final presidential debate is happening to our night. jay korff joins us now with an on theting perspective race.of the numbers,on polling this race remains a statistical tie. are even higher for last debate. >> it is gorgeous to be out here. between the white house and u.s. capitol, freedom plaza. renowned. there are skateboarders, tourists, and policy come of the finalhe eve before -- between obama and mitt romney. >> the debates are supposed to be for the undecided. >> it is the ideal location to political turning expectations, and disappointment. put this country in a very position. >> the man who voted early is .ed up >> its crust to turn our stomach things theyut the are saying. amy teaches middle school social studies in missouri. >> i am asking them to think what each candidate brings as ad what we value country. gregory, a d.c. resident. debate topicay's an intriguing one. that are like unfathomable. happen.t supposed to u.s. ambassadors are not supposed to be murdered. >> who will better manage the challenges? china, iran, and beyond? romney area and mr. preparing for
that killed a u.s. ambassador, and a congressional hearing has led to a new showdown over security of the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. he was criticized for speaking about security earlier this year. a top state officials said he declined to approve more security but also said they had the correct number of assets at the time of the attack. you might remember the u.s. ambassador and three other americans were killed on september 11. the obama administration now calls these attacks terrorism and the white house says it is the result of an anti-islam video producer in the united states. >> tonight, one person finds herself in hot water. the seductive voice on the other end of that line. >> we are going to win. >> yes. absolutely. >> and you can hear what president obama tells diane >> we are less than 24 hours away from a debate. vice president joe biden and vice-presidential nominee paul ryan are getting ready to square off. >> here is what president obama said to diane sawyer. >> we look forward. it makes you that much more determined. >> the president also accused the romney campaign
about hurricane sandy. the death toll has climbed to 21. powerful storm is moving closer to the u.s. and the washington, d.c., metro area. bob has the latest from our hurricane center. >> winds are still 90 miles per hour. across see it moving cuba. the circulation extends of miles to the east, could be positive thrust. here is the latest. asremains off the coast, but move off the north coast, remember, this is a 70% chance of where the will be, but it is looking likely it will be coming monday into tuesday. problem forbe any the marine corps marathon. increasing reins as we get into rainning, and tuesday, and flooding. it may be to our north, especially with inland flooding early next week. it looks like a major storm. >> we have video from florida. this video from miami. pictures like this have alert,ds on high reminiscent of a hurricane's .ears ago live from alexandria. >> no one can forget the dark days. of people are worried about potential power outages that are threatening a powerful punch. are getting ready to dust off sandbags. hurricane sandy is toppling down powering thou
growth." lower tax rates for him...than us. is that the way to grow america? i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> we have several breaking stories. first, new england. an earthquake. a 4.0 magnitude. it happened about 3 miles beneath the earth's service. it was felt by people in the boston metropolitan area. it did not seem to cause major damage. the earthquake shook up a few folks. this is a video posted by a teenager on youtube. he was working on his computer. we are keeping a close wat on the situation here. our chief meteorologist joins us now. he has more. what are you hearing? >> they initially put out a report of a 4.6 on the scale. very commonly, that would be revised. the new and final magnitude reading is 4.0. that is significant on the east. getting ems and first response to her -- herfirst responders. keep this in mind with east coast earthquakes. you see how much of the northeast fell to this earthquake? if this same earthquake happened in california, the area felt or affected would be 10 times smaller. we have
for to virginia families after missing hikers are found states --safe. the family of neal peckens spoke with us after we learned he and his friend jason hiserwere were found alive. peckens mother spoke first baton rousing. -- with tom rouse. >> a relief. these men went hiking last week in a remote and rugged area in glacier national park. on the first day, they went all the way around here and they made camp here. the plan on day two was to go all the way around and back to where they started around its big mountains but somewhere in this area due to snow, they got lost. they lost the trail and out -- ended up west of the trail. that is where the amount -- remain for days until they were found today. >> i was starting to rival -- unravel. >> their parents nuisance for is something was wrong. neal and jason vanished in the cold and snow in glacier national park. >> if they did not find them to now -- tonight [unintelligible] >> she said he had been found. we were screaming. jason and neal were alive and well. they did not have any injuries and were soon reunited with family and friends who made
instead of presidential ones because they had a lot of firepower. >> thank you. thousands of u.s. home gave us your instant feedback on the candidates. using your smartphone. we got a lot of reaction. many agreed. biden said that the world is behind the united states could and many disagree that ryan said that with president obama we get speeches and we don't get the leadership. the big win by the nationals was not the only victory at the ballpark denied. >> another dc council member is accused of wrongdoing. but in jim gramm is defending himself. you will hear from him coming right up. >> tomorrow night, late, there could be a freeze. [ femalele announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions a famimily can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raraised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cocost of nursing home care. we hava president who won't let t
consider the recent attacks overseas including the bombing that includes u.s. ambassador. abc 7 is with complete coverage. scott david is live to break down the issues. >> of all the debates, there was perhaps the president's will house. governor romney was effective in trying to play down characteristickizations that he would be a war hog. perhaps a bit passive at times. but still plenty of barbs between these two. there were no finger pointing this time. but the tension and distaste for each other took only minutes to surface. >> i have to tell you that, your strategy previously has been one that has been all over the map. >> my strategy is pretty straightforward. >> the president aiming far win was aggressive, pushing romney for more clarity on plans for a stable afghanistan and iraq. mitt romney insided national security depends on a good economy. >> for us to promote those principles of peace requires us to be strong. >> perhaps the only agreement of the night iran cannot obtain nuclear weapon. but how? >> during the course of this campaign, he's often talked as we should
... ( all music? ... heals the soul. the power to share unites us. verizon brings your entire family unlimited talk. unlimited text. and data you can share with up to 10 devices, all in one plan. get the 4glte droid razr by motorola for $99.99. verizon. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a qualifying pnc performance select checking account and earn 75% more than cards earning 1% cash bacack on almost everything. >> steve reed -- steve rudin with a look at our forecast. >> tomorrow morning, you'll notice a difference. winds will help norm -- warmus of tomorrow. -- warm us up tomorrow. these guys are going to fill up with a few more clouds as you wake up tomorrow morning. not a lot. of sunshine. more clouds later in the afternoon. the temperature, 52 at the airport. 60 degrees, that is it for the high. we should normally be. the record, 89 degrees set back in 1954. temperatures outside, a lot cooler in leesburg. bo looking at 43 degrees. 49 in upper northwest d.c. with winds at 3 miles an hour. temperatures will be cooler to the west of us. clo
in the path of this monster storm that will keep us all on edge all weekend long. warnings are in effect for the district, maryland, and several other states. people all up and down the east coast are getting their homes ready. the storm has already taken 40 lives in the caribbean. we have teamed coverage for you. we have a look at all of the preparations under way. our senior meteorologist is here with that important 11:00 advisory. >> it is still a minimal hurricane. the one thing i want emphasize is as we go through the weekend, you will it decreasing in intensity. let me show you the satellite picture. there, you can see how it is interacting with the coastline and bringing in a bit of dry air. there is the circulation. here is what is important. see that area of rain showers? that is the front. that is the upper level jet stream that will be driving to the east and really picking up sandy and making it really becomes sort of this monster off of the coast. that is the real concern. that will really not happen until late sunday and monday. here is the very latest track. it comes a sh
is moving into the region. ryan joins us with a at what we can overnight and tomorrow morning. it has been an unusually cold day. a couple of spots set records, strange records. this is finally beginning to out, it's a lot of the out towards the northeast. leftovertill see some chilly rain showers are around reston. it will be happening as we sleep. morning, there will be light sprinkles. mid-emperatures into the 40's. remember, be careful. it is dark when a lot of youngsters are heading out to buses. l be cloudy was some sprinkles, may be some fog. i will tell you more when i join you in a few minutes. the cold weather sent f people into a deep freeze rights inside their alexandria tell us only did their building management not turn on the heat, the air-conditioning was still on. >> despite there being a chill air, the air-conditioning still remains on. soon after we get -- we got thatved, we are hearing the heat will get kicked down tomorrow. heaterve kept my space 24-7. >> she turns on the stove in her small apartment. this allowed the resident does not want her to use her name. is
will help them out. >> this behemoth storm surprised us anyway. in northwest washington, a tree came down, slicing off a portion of another. condemned house, at that time who -- >> we are fighting. >> they were direct hits and near misses. the home escaped severe damage by only inches. regardless of the impact. sandy certainly left indelible the washington d.c. region. i have a feeling that when comes, this kind of will seem minor in comparison. will see a lot more issues on region, some are estimating overall, the damage could be among the costliest storms in u.s. history. get to some of the problems sande is causing around area, particularly at ocean city. the boardwalk suffered extensive .amage let's check in now, the very latest. butt is still very windy, be as seem to frequent. seem to be as strong. for the first time in about 12 hours, i am not soaking wet. i want to show you some video of the things that went on today. waves were the big issue. you can see the big waves that were crashing out. problem asere a well. over the sea wall at boardwalk and were crashing in the businesses.
with apparently just a precursor for what's ahead. let's get a first look. adam. >> it took us half a year, six months, to make the temperatures like this. but it will be the coldest morning we've seen since april. adam caskey at the weather score. let's get to frost advisory and freeze warnings that we have in effect off to the west of washington. from midnight until 9:00 a.m., in shen -- shenandoah, hampshire counties, on the far left side, frostburg, western alleghany and garrett counties a freeze morning from midnight until 9:00 a.m. at elevation, mchenry, maryland atlas ski resort, 34 degrees. at this hour. willow green 34. frostburg, frostburg state university 40. and even in big meadows virginia shenandoah near luray, 39. closer to the metro area not that cold. 47 in washington. 45 reston. 43 gainesville. in the 40's across the metro area. but temperatures will continue to slide. i think into the mid and upper 30's across most outlying suburbs. even in montgomery and fairfax counties. loudoun county. by tomorrow morning. when you
community. >> both men are veterinarians and both live in virginia. tom roussey joins us. he spoke with his mother. >> i did. she is very worried as you can understand. she says that peckens's wife and father have been -- flown to montana. folks around here may know him. he works out of the second floor of this building in vienna and the surgery on pats. tonight, friends and family are hoping they can make it better -- he can make it back ok. >> missing hiker jason hiser's car still sits at his friend neal peckens us a driveway in herndon. the two were supposed to fly back to dulles friday but never made their flight. they are lost somewhere in glacier national forest in montana. >> i see him every day. >> his neighbors are very concerned. >> it is concerning. he has a small daughter. >> the national park service as they sat at 50 people this weekend to search for the two men, but the search has been hampered by what is at times up to a foot and a half of snow. his mother hopes that -- is holding out hope. her son works as a animal oncologist in vienna, and the veterinarian. here is the lat
could big problems in our region. bob ryan joins us with the projections. what is the latest? >> it is a bit stronger, it is cuba.ching the coast of it is very unusual for late october. winds are now 90 miles per hour able be moving across cuba. -- and it will be moving across cuba. the general track is still to theg it very close east coast. very latest. a 70%eans about would bety that sandy off the coast. even if it is off the coast, become a hybrid storm, it would be causing a lot of problems along the east coast and especially in to new england. what about the marine corps marathon? i think the impact would the weather front and sandy. , showers and breezy, but some pretty good running the marine corps marathon. 60-65 degrees. >> utility companies and people in those flood prone bracing for the worst when it comes to sandy. pickler keeping a close watch nexte forecast over the -- people are keeping a on the forecast of a the next few days. we are live in huntington. >> when folks in this area had learned there was a potential increase in the chance of a rain because of tr
now the questions that many of us have are where are the areas hardest hit by these storms and are they gone for good? so let's get to our mt. who is tracking everything you need to see. doug, what's the word? >> at one point tornado warnings issued north and east of baltimore city. but everything is disapating. we will be in fine shape not only for tonight but for many days in a row. over in clarksville and burton'sville, very heavy rainfall amounts. things are quieting down. when you get up in the morning there will be a whole different weather pattern. 43 to 53, a chilly start. the seven-day outlook that's coming up too in just a minute. >> we'll get back to you in a bit. but first -- >> a student was severely beaten following a maryland victory over duke. but tonight one of the officers is acquitted while the other is convicted on just one charge. richard reeve is outside the prince george's county courthouse. tell us about it >> and alison, long and difficult deliberations for a while. it didn't appear there would be a verdict a
satellite center with every development. old entered the u.s. a student visa to major in ciba security. according to undercover agents he came tracking him, cellto create a terrorist raised tea hot. -- jihad. this man focuses attention on destruction. undercover agents determined he and killed aacked ranking government official. he wanted to blow up the new stock exchange, but the security is tight. attack would result casualties.umber of how wednesday morning thinking hotel room detonating a bomb in a van. was in danger. the explosives were in there to. >> it is a coveted target by terrorists. i think this reaffirms that. it is believed he has connections to al qaeda. being at the federal reserve in washington, security is tighter than usual. >> is striking he had an attempt to do that. i am glad our government and security was able to track that get them. according to records, he hopes this attack would postpone the presidential election. we may learn that law enforcement, social media, facebook, played a critical role investigation. >> we are also getting more from southeast
to encourage economic growth." lower tax rates for him...than us. is that the way to grow america? i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. [ minto ] you know, those ads s saying mitt romney would ban all abortions and contraception seemed a bit extreme. so i looked into it. turns out, romney doesn't oppose contraception at all. in fact, he thinks abortion should be an option in cases of rape, incest, or to save a mother's life. this issue's important to me but i'm more concerned about the debt our children will be left with. i voted for president obama last time but t we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11. >> we are monitoring two stories. we're learning details about the prince george's county police officer killed in a deadly accident. we are on storm watch right now. many of you may have heard some thunder out there. let's get right to it. doug hill is standing by. >> it has been kind of right now, in
, but communicated well. again, just a freshman that hooked up with a freshman late in the game that gave us a big spark. >> heather: congratulations and manti te'o, huge performance tonight. congratulations on an outstanding effort. interception late that was game-saving, how did you see that play unfold? >> i couldn't do it without dan fox, made a beautiful play on the ball, popped up and i just happened to be right there and glad i could make the play. >> reporter: it's been an emotionally challenging season for you how you have been fueled by the heartache you endured? >> heavenly father. my faith keeps me strong. my family keeps me strong and they're still here. i may not see them but they're still here i draw strength from that. >> heather: you have. what is your reaction when you hear your name and heisman in the same sentence? >> i'm just glad we're 8-0, if the heisman comes along the way i'll be happy but as long as we're still winning. >> brent: that oklahoma defense led by te'o and they held oklahoma to 15 yards rushing here tonight. >> bren >> kirk: great job by te'o and the defensive
at by an officer. >> officers reported to us that she appeared to be eating soap. >> it was two days ago. >> the last time next door neighbor jose velasquez saw cobbold, she sat in the black mitsubishi for two hours. >> she was sitting in the car reading the bible. >> neighbors were stunned that the woman they saw on the news lived here. >> i had no idea she lived a couple of houses down. >> rarely we see here and i just say hello and that's about it. >> police say cobbold was taken to a hospital to be evaluated. her injuries were not serious. tonight, it's a mystery why she allegedly did this. >> do you have anything you want to say? >> contact the police department. >> montgomery county police say cobbold is looking at potentially a number of charges. as of tonight they have not decided exactly which charges she will be facing. >> tom, thank you. we are following breaking news from central america where the u.s. geological survey said a 6.6 magnitude earthquake hit costa rica outside the town of liberia. there are no
.d. power and associates ranked us highest in member satisfaction among health plans in the virginia/maryland/d.c. region. we're focusing on the big things so you can enjothe little things. kaiser permanente. thrive. >> of first, the deepening ripple effect caused by a the superstore known as sandy. the other major issue the tens of thousands of customers are still in the dark here in our region. the vast majority is in northern virginia. petco tells us that they have restored many. sandy is blamed for 48 deaths and financial analysts say that the storm is responsible for $20 billion in property damage as well as an additional $30 billion in lost business. we will begin tonight with a problem that is getting worse and could last for days. area wide flooding. we were there as streets turned into rivers in upper marlboro and old town alexandria. >> part of keen street behind me is fine. but look what happened to other parts, under water tonight and it has been under water for hours. you're looking at a block from where the potomac river usually is. it overflowed its banks tonight. y
maryland and out to county. sunday, some of the cold air in on tomorrow, 11:00, it will still be in the mid-70's. tomorrow afternoon, colder air begins coming in. some northwesterly winds. by sunday morning, temperatures the 40's. some cold air coming in. on top of that comes some [indiscernible] i am afraid it will be chilly air. 52 degrees on sunday. for columbus day, not as chile. the sunshine is returning, pretty cool for time of year. then, back to the sunshine. wednesday, temperatures near 70 degrees. of changes in a short time. >> tonight, folks here are remembering an important part of team who unfortunately earlier this week. video journalist joe rose away following heart surgery. he worked here for 33 years. he was covering many of the big you at home.ought joe has also been an editor and operations manager here. >> many of us will remember joe for his smile, his positive attitude every day, and his sense of humor. everyone here is going to miss rose. best sentiments' to his family. when i was younger and... financially stable. we were poor. the mgm casino in michiga
period alive. telle stories he used to and the way he would teach a class. >> i feel sorry for those who get to experience the pleasure of taking a history class with him. >> some students are playing a service to celebrate his life. theust two days now until for president go wednesday night's debate now means a lot more. a cnn poll shows president obama romney in a dead heat. is ahead by just three points. tonight mr. obama continues to for that debate in a t -- from the las vegas area. mitt romney did have an event tonight. a rally at the wings the rockies in denver. republican nominee has been in all weekend preparing for the debate. see if that fiscal be cushioned with a of taxpayer money. >> police in prince boomtown said someone is going around ripping peoples and jewelry of while they are wearing it. ripping peoples and jewelry of while t[ male announcer ]. for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow w options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage paym,ents, and he
. the nationals are up, so keep your fingers crossed. >> knock on wood, find a rabbit's foot. stay with us for complete coverage. we will be breaking into a special coverage when the game and right here on abc 7. >> supporting news -- disappointing news for fans of the baltimore orioles. they fell to the yankees in game 5. they went down 3-1. the yankees now advance to face the tigers in the american league championship series. vincent gray makes an appeal to washington caps owners in a push to end the nhl lockout. artists partners are reporting that he spoke about the impact on small businesses are run onzon center. -- verizon center. to that was supposed to be the caps a home opener. we will see how things play out. coming up, the shuttle endeavor takes a new, slow, but i opening journey. -- eye-opening journey. >> a sex assault in alexandria. how one community is trying to stay safe. >> and frightening attack in alexandria has police and women on alert. this all began when the attacker tried to rob women, but police said it turned far more violent. this happened late last night near the
shows a lack of responsibility to her community. she fired back, and used the incident as an opportunity to open up a discussion about bullying. >> if you are at home and you are talking about the fat news lately, guess what? your children are probably going to go to school and call someone fat. >> national bullying awareness month, to our knowledge, the man who wrote the letter has not responded to the comments. >> closer to home, new at 11:00. people living in part of northwest washington dealt with flooding problems. >> millions of dollars of damage. that is in this section of d.c. tom roussey is live in your neighborhood to explain. >> we have been here and we have seen the flood waters about this high on cars and going into foclks' basements. >> it floods pretty much every time it rains. >> after a decade without a major flood, residents had an awful summer. four major floods in two months. including three in nine days in july. so which backing up into basements. >> you get nervous every time it rains. >> this woman has lived on this street for over 50 years. she is still dealing w
police -- police us their lengthy search t the park earlier today turned out nothing. not come across that would indicate that play at this point. i cannot rule it out. -- they cannot rule it out. >> a growing meningitis outbreak. health officials are warning patients who injections that they could be at risk. 35 people in six states maryland and contracted fumble meningitis from these contaminated shots. five people have died. every person who tested had steroid shots from back pain. they have now recall more than 17,000 miles of the steroid. symptoms include a obnoxiousness, headaches, and seizure. it is not contagious. growing outrage from parents and others who are stepping up boss to school. bus to school. a meeting tonight. dozens of students are now forced to walk because they are less than a mile away from school. it affects low income families. pta family -- president says some parents lost their jobs because of the time it takes to walk their students to school. >> these little kids with big walking through snow and rain. they come to school drenched, with their shoes wet. t
. that is seantrel henderson all-world offensive linemen just thrown into the backfield and used his quickness go around him. >> brent: three tackles, one and a half sacks tonight. now, let's see what jimbo fisher comes up with here. freeman. tailback. right edge. across the 20. as we mentioned, the fighting irish and florida and fighting irish stay undefeated by beating byu back home and now they head to oklahoma as the sooners wrap up a 52-7 victory over the jayhawks tonight and now the unbeaten irish and once-beaten sooners meet in norman next saturday night, 8:00 eastern. that's one you don't want to miss. second down and seven. keeps it. out of bounds about the 5 yard line. 3:19 to go. it is a first and goal. >> kirk: we've seen him in the second half do more with his legs than his arm. that time a great, great block by lonnie pryor. and to the outside strong. i hope jimbo fisher gives pryor a special award at the end of the year. unselfish guy. nobody talks about hick when m talk about their offense and he deserves a ton of recognition. >> brent: freeman, outside, touchdown. >> kirk: you ha
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